POSTED ON May 25, 2016
Medical Errors Now The Third Leading Cause Of Death In Us
Posted By Steven Langer Researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently studied the most common causes of death, and th ...
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POSTED ON May 18, 2016
What To Expect In A Medical-Malpractice Settlement
Posted By Tara Worthley Finding out that a doctor or hospital is willing to settle your medical malpractice claim can[ ...
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POSTED ON May 11, 2016
Lawyer Fees In Medical Malpractice Litigation
Posted By Steven Langer If you suspect that you’re a victim of medical malpractice, you will likely have to hire[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 05, 2016
Long Overdue Adjustment In Medical-Malpractice Cap Becomes Indiana Law
Posted By Tara Worthley Before the close of the 2016 Indiana General Assembly session, Governor Mike Pence signed a bill ...
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POSTED ON May 04, 2016
Robert Langer Joins Langer & Langer
Posted By Langer & Langer Langer & Langer is pleased to announce that Robert A. Langer has joined the firm.[…] ...
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