POSTED ON October 26, 2020
Sensor Devices Track Athlete Head Impacts
New sensor devices that track blows to the head are used to monitor concussions and protect athletes from head trauma.[ ...
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POSTED ON October 19, 2020
Co-Parenting During the COVID Pandemic: Should You Head Back to Court?
Unless one or both parents are impacted by COVID-19 or need to make changes to a co-parenting agreement, divorced parent ...
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POSTED ON October 12, 2020
Domestic Violence During Divorce: Do You Need a Protection Order in Indiana?
Victims of domestic violence during divorce can petition Indiana courts for an order of protection if they fear harm for ...
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POSTED ON October 05, 2020
Don’t Let Drunk Driving Ruin Your Luck on St. Patrick’s Day
Alcohol consumption is a significant part of holiday festivities, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. A de ...
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