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POSTED ON February 11, 2021
The Role of Contracts in Divorce
Marital contracts like premarital agreements play an important role in divorce because they outline the division of asse ...
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POSTED ON February 04, 2021
Who Is Liable When a Driverless Car Crashes?
Currently, liability for driverless car accidents and injuries lies with the person behind the wheel of the vehicle, bec ...
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POSTED ON January 25, 2021
How COVID Is Impacting Injury Trends
The COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching consequences with an impact on unexpected types of injuries, the volume of injuri ...
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POSTED ON January 18, 2021
How to Recognize a Passive Aggressive Spouse
Living with a passive-aggressive spouse often results in emotional abuse and turmoil in a marriage that ultimately leads ...
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POSTED ON January 11, 2021
Skull Fracture Injuries? Here’s What You Should Know
Skull fractures can cause severe damage to the brain resulting in a variety of life-long psychological and physical prob ...
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POSTED ON January 04, 2021
Financially Successful Women More Likely to File for Divorce
Women with high-paying jobs experience a degree of financial success and personal security that may increase their likel ...
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