POSTED ON May 26, 2021
When Police Use Excessive Force and Someone Gets Hurt
When excessive force by police officers causes injuries, injury victims can file civil lawsuits to recover compensation ...
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POSTED ON May 19, 2021
Common Summertime Injuries (And How to Prevent Them)
Each year, summertime activities are responsible for a high rate of childhood injuries including broken bones, facial in ...
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POSTED ON May 11, 2021
What You Should Know About Post-Nuptial Agreements in Indiana [infographic]
Post-nuptial agreements drawn up by spouses after they marry can provide substantial legal protections due to more restr ...
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POSTED ON May 05, 2021
Dividing Pensions and Retirement Accounts in an Indiana Divorce
When a couple files for divorce in Indiana, equitable distribution laws impact the division of all marital property incl ...
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