POSTED ON January 10, 2022
How Long Does It Take to Get a Car Accident Settlement?
Car accident settlements can take several months to several years depending on specific factors in the case, including h ...
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POSTED ON November 12, 2021
Speed Plays a Key Role in Traffic Safety
Despite numerous studies reporting the negative impact of high speeds on roads and highways, many states have continued ...
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POSTED ON September 13, 2021
What Happens When You Crash While Test Driving a Car?
In most cases, the driver during a vehicle test drive is responsible for damages in an accident under his/her auto[…] ...
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POSTED ON July 12, 2021
Injured in a Taxi Cab Crash? Here’s What to Do
When a taxi cab is involved in an accident that results in injuries, injury victims should seek medical help, file[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 12, 2021
Are You a Risky Driver?
High-risk drivers often have numerous traffic violations, DUI convictions, and no car insurance, putting other drivers i ...
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POSTED ON February 04, 2021
Who Is Liable When a Driverless Car Crashes?
Currently, liability for driverless car accidents and injuries lies with the person behind the wheel of the vehicle, bec ...
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POSTED ON December 04, 2020
Christmas Crashes: Here’s How to Stay Safe
During the Christmas holidays, an average of 343 people are killed in car crashes each year. The majority of fatal[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 12, 2020
Blackout Wednesday: Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Crashes
The night before Thanksgiving is referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” because drunk driving rates spike to su ...
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POSTED ON October 05, 2020
Don’t Let Drunk Driving Ruin Your Luck on St. Patrick’s Day
Alcohol consumption is a significant part of holiday festivities, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. A de ...
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POSTED ON September 11, 2020
Injured in a No-Contact Car Crash?
A no-contact car crash often occurs when an impaired or distracted driver loses control of a vehicle causing a crash[… ...
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