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POSTED ON August 19, 2020
Enforcing Parenting Time in Indiana During the Pandemic
During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents must follow parenting time arrangements stipulated in existing court-ordered agree ...
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POSTED ON July 06, 2020
These Indiana Cities Have Some of the Highest Divorce Rates in the US
National statistics show that three Indiana cities, Anderson, Evansville, and Richmond, are among the top 25 cities in t ...
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POSTED ON June 26, 2020
How is Legal Custody Decided?
When parents are seeking a divorce, one or both parents may file for legal custody of a child as part[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 19, 2020
Who Pays Off Debts After a Divorce?
When a couple divorces, responsibility for paying off debts is usually based on marital or individual liability for the ...
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POSTED ON May 20, 2020
Could Essential Workers Lose Custody of Their Kids?
Parents with child custody agreements may face temporary loss of child custody, if they are essential workers on the fro ...
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POSTED ON May 13, 2020
How to Get a Copy of Your Divorce Decree in Indiana
Indiana divorce decrees are not accessible to the public. They must be requested by divorce parties, divorce lawyers, or ...
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POSTED ON April 20, 2020
Is It Time to Get a Divorce?
There is never a perfect time to file for divorce, but there are questions that can provide important answers about[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 06, 2020
How COVID-19 May Impact Your Parenting Time Agreement
During the COVID-19 pandemic, parenting time for divorced parents may be impacted if one or both parents have been expos ...
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POSTED ON March 26, 2020
The Rights of Disabled Parents in Indiana Divorces
When a spouse is disabled or has special needs, divorce can be complicated by issues related to financial support, child ...
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POSTED ON March 19, 2020
How Immigration Status May Impact Your Divorce
When an undocumented immigrant is married to a U.S. citizen, a divorce may result in loss of the immigrant spouse’ ...
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