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POSTED ON March 19, 2020
How Immigration Status May Impact Your Divorce
When an undocumented immigrant is married to a U.S. citizen, a divorce may result in loss of the immigrant spouse’ ...
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POSTED ON February 18, 2020
Coordinating Hospice Care in Northwest Indiana: Here’s What to Expect
Hospice care provides terminally-ill patients with a better quality of life by keeping them comfortable and addressing t ...
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POSTED ON February 12, 2020
Estate Planning for People Headed for Divorce
Estate planning tools can provide people in Indiana who are headed for divorce with financial protection for themselves ...
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POSTED ON January 23, 2020
Who Is Responsible for Student Loan Debt in an Indiana Divorce?
Who will be responsible for student loan debt when a couple divorces in Indiana generally depends on when the loans[…] ...
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POSTED ON January 06, 2020
How Custody Is Determined in Indiana
The courts consider numerous factors when determining child custody in Indiana. To help them make decisions that are in ...
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POSTED ON December 27, 2019
What to Do When Your Spouse Has an Addiction
When a spouse is battling addiction in Indiana and drug or alcohol abuse takes a toll on a marriage, divorce[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 16, 2019
Here’s How Social Media Could Impact Your Divorce
Social media posts and photos from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and online dating sites are commonly use ...
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POSTED ON November 25, 2019
Do the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines Address Your Family’s Needs?
Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines aim to help establish agreements for divorcing parents that provide for the specific n ...
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POSTED ON November 21, 2019
What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Indiana?
Divorcing couples in Indiana can file a petition for the dissolution of their marriage under no-fault or fault-based gro ...
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