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POSTED ON December 25, 2020
Can Midwives Be Sued for Medical Malpractice?
In states where midwives must be licensed, they can be sued for medical malpractice when negligent care results in patie ...
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POSTED ON May 27, 2020
Nuvigil and Provigil Linked to Birth Defects
Provigil and Nuvigil have been linked to a variety of serious birth defects in babies whose mothers took the drugs ...
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POSTED ON February 06, 2020
Medical Negligence: Did Your Family Doctor Neglect to Report Your Test/Imaging Results?
Failure to report a patient’s medical test or imaging results to attending doctors and medical providers is one of the ...
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POSTED ON January 29, 2020
HIE Resulting from Medical Malpractice
Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), a type of brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation and limited blood flow to the ...
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POSTED ON November 07, 2019
Here’s Why It Is Important to Measure Troponin Levels After a Heart Attack
Measuring troponin levels in patients with cardiac-related symptoms or who have recently had heart attacks helps physici ...
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POSTED ON October 18, 2019
Read This Before Heading to Surgery
Free-standing surgery centers are promoted as cost-effective and convenient alternatives to hospital operating rooms. Al ...
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POSTED ON October 09, 2019
Why Are Hospitals in Indiana Under the Gun?
Hospitals across Indiana are facing penalties for high patient readmission rates. The number of patients who return for ...
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POSTED ON October 04, 2019
Indiana’s Nonprofit Healthcare System Has Run Amok
A recent study conducted by researchers from the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University indi ...
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POSTED ON September 04, 2019
Recovering Damages for Nursing Malpractice
Patients may be able to recover damages when nursing malpractice or negligence causes them harm. People in Indiana rely ...
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POSTED ON August 22, 2019
Is the US Medical Malpractice System Really Improving Quality of Care?
Employed as a deterrent against sub-standard care, the medical malpractice system in the U.S. does little to ensure pati ...
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