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POSTED ON December 12, 2018
Who Is Liable When Locum Tenens Doctors Make Mistakes?
When a locum tenens doctor makes a medical mistake, like a misdiagnosing a patient, providing improper care or making a ...
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POSTED ON December 07, 2018
What Radiologists Are Missing Could Cost Your Life
When radiologists make errors with x-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds they put their patients’ health, and lives, at risk. F ...
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POSTED ON November 12, 2018
When Surgical Errors Cause a Stroke
All surgeries carry a risk, but patients and their families suffer when medical professionals make surgical errors or fa ...
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POSTED ON November 11, 2018
What’s Driving Healthcare Costs So High?
Insurance contracts that limit providers, enable facilities to conceal fees, and allow hospitals to charge more are driv ...
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POSTED ON October 18, 2018
50,000 Women in America Are Injured Giving Birth. Will You Be One of Them?
About 50,000 women per year suffer dangerous, and often life-threatening complications from medical mistakes and imprope ...
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POSTED ON October 05, 2018
Coming Away from Surgery with Extra Parts [infographic]
Going through the experience of surgery is hard enough, but when surgeons make the mistake of leaving surgical items in ...
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POSTED ON September 10, 2018
What Is a Medical Review Panel in Indiana?
A Medical Review Panel in Indiana, which consists of three healthcare professionals and one attorney, plays a significan ...
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POSTED ON September 05, 2018
Using Anesthesia and Sedatives on Young Children [infographic]
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning on the use of general anesthetics and sedation drugs during ...
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POSTED ON August 20, 2018
When a Routine Trip to the Dentist Ends in Brain Damage
The use of sedation drugs when performing dental procedures on small children can lead to severe brain damage. Several y ...
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POSTED ON August 06, 2018
Was Your Baby Injured Because of Valproate? [infographic]
Valproate is known to cause birth injuries and developmental disorders in babies. Doctors have a responsibility to infor ...
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