Indiana Product Liability Lawyers

Holding Negligent Manufacturer’s Accountable

When a consumer buys or uses a product, he or she expects that the item will be safe for its intended use. Unfortunately, people are often injured or harmed by products that are defective because the manufacturer breached its duty of care to develop a safe product. All household products, machines in the workplace, automobiles, medical devices, children’s toys, and other products must be manufactured to be reasonably safe for a consumer or user.

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Do I Have a Product Liability Case?

People can be injured or harmed by products that are defective because the manufacturer failed to develop a safe product. This can include products that did not work correctly, did not work at all, or cause injury when used correctly.

Our firm represents people who have been injured or harmed by products that:

  • Have manufacturing defects
  • Are improperly designed
  • Have labeling defects, improper warnings, or are lacking instructions

The Indiana product liability attorneys at Langer & Langer have successfully litigated product liability cases involving both national and international manufacturers. Our breadth of experience has helped numerous clients obtain the compensation they need to recover.

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