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POSTED ON November 05, 2021
Who Pays When a Cop Shoots a Citizen?
When citizens are injured by unwarranted police shootings, police officers are held accountable for damages through civi ...
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POSTED ON October 27, 2021
Is Vehicle Infotainment Technology Speeding Up Driver Safety?
Many vehicle infotainment systems in late model cars create potentially unsafe levels of distraction by allowing drivers ...
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POSTED ON October 20, 2021
What to Expect in a Contested Divorce
A contested divorce is the most complicated type of divorce because spouses are unable to agree on at least one or[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 13, 2021
Divorcing Over the Holidays
Planning a divorce over the holidays may result in increased stress, feelings of loss and sadness, and family conflicts ...
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POSTED ON October 06, 2021
Every Nine Minutes a Child Is Sexually Assaulted
In 2016, Child Protective Services uncovered substantial evidence indicating that 57,329 children in America were victim ...
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POSTED ON September 27, 2021
Is Your Parenting Plan Ready for the Holidays?
To avoid family arguments and child custody disputes during the holidays, divorced parents should consider putting a hol ...
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POSTED ON September 20, 2021
Living Overseas? Your Foreign Divorce May Not Be Valid in Indiana
Living in a foreign country can present challenges with legal divorce papers, child custody orders, and parental visitat ...
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POSTED ON September 13, 2021
What Happens When You Crash While Test Driving a Car?
In most cases, the driver during a vehicle test drive is responsible for damages in an accident under his/her auto[…] ...
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POSTED ON September 06, 2021
Your Guide to FDA Product Recalls
Products recalled by the FDA pose safety risks for consumers. Unsafe products include prescription medications, ove ...
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POSTED ON August 27, 2021
Who Pays for Campsite Injuries?
On privately-owned campground sites, owners and operators are liable for campsite injuries, but campgrounds operated by ...
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