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POSTED ON May 05, 2021
Dividing Pensions and Retirement Accounts in an Indiana Divorce
When a couple files for divorce in Indiana, equitable distribution laws impact the division of all marital property incl ...
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POSTED ON April 26, 2021
Help for High-Conflict Custody Cases
When divorce leads to conflicts with child custody issues, a parallel parenting plan can minimize parental contact and i ...
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POSTED ON April 19, 2021
Divorcing a Millionaire
Multiple assets, financial holdings, and company stock plans can make divorcing a millionaire a complicated legal proces ...
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POSTED ON April 12, 2021
Are You a Risky Driver?
High-risk drivers often have numerous traffic violations, DUI convictions, and no car insurance, putting other drivers i ...
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POSTED ON April 04, 2021
Is Spring Cleaning Making You Sick?
Toxic chemicals commonly found in conventional cleaning products are linked to various health conditions including breat ...
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POSTED ON March 25, 2021
Are Hotels Enabling Sex Trafficking in Indiana?
Sex traffickers often solicit business from hotels and motels where illegal practices are easily hidden within the anony ...
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POSTED ON March 11, 2021
Injured in a DUI Truck Accident in Indiana?
Truck drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs cause serious DUI accidents that injure and kill other drivers on the road. ...
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POSTED ON March 04, 2021
How a Criminal Conviction Can Impact Your Parenting Time Rights
In child custody cases, a criminal conviction of a parent can cause the loss of custody and parenting time, since[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 25, 2021
What Is Traumatic Optic Neuropathy?
Severe head trauma associated with loss of consciousness is often linked to traumatic optic neuropathy: sudden permanen ...
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POSTED ON February 18, 2021
Emergency Custody: When Your Child Is in Danger
When a child is in danger, parents can make a report with child services to prompt an investigation and an[…] ...
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