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POSTED ON November 19, 2020
Protecting the Stay-at-Home Parent in an Indiana Divorce
When one parent remains at home with a child after divorce, developing a scheduled parenting plan protects each parent&# ...
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POSTED ON November 12, 2020
Blackout Wednesday: Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Crashes
The night before Thanksgiving is referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” because drunk driving rates spike to su ...
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POSTED ON October 26, 2020
Sensor Devices Track Athlete Head Impacts
New sensor devices that track blows to the head are used to monitor concussions and protect athletes from head trauma.[ ...
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POSTED ON October 19, 2020
Co-Parenting During the COVID Pandemic: Should You Head Back to Court?
Unless one or both parents are impacted by COVID-19 or need to make changes to a co-parenting agreement, divorced parent ...
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POSTED ON October 12, 2020
Domestic Violence During Divorce: Do You Need a Protection Order in Indiana?
Victims of domestic violence during divorce can petition Indiana courts for an order of protection if they fear harm for ...
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POSTED ON September 25, 2020
How to Explain Divorce to Your Children
Explaining divorce to a child using clear communication, some common sense, and honesty, can help “break the news” o ...
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POSTED ON September 18, 2020
Mechanical Suffocation: The Leading Cause of Infant Death
Mechanical suffocation is the leading cause of infant death in America, accounting for 80% of infant mortality in 2017. ...
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POSTED ON September 11, 2020
Injured in a No-Contact Car Crash?
A no-contact car crash often occurs when an impaired or distracted driver loses control of a vehicle causing a crash[… ...
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POSTED ON September 04, 2020
Divorcing an Abusive Spouse in Indiana?
Divorcing an abusive spouse may present dangers. There are family laws in Indiana that address protections for spouses a ...
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POSTED ON August 25, 2020
Are COVID-19 Liability Waivers Enforceable?
As businesses begin to reopen, many nail salons, spas, and health clubs are requiring customers to sign COVID-19 liabili ...
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